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Since 1983, Vantec, Inc. has grown to be known as a top manufacturing resource for plastic molded parts with a solid reputation as an innovative leader in quality custom injection molding services. The underlying foundation at Vantec has stemmed from our customers’ success. With the increasing rise of competitiveness among OEMS and the constant focus on lower costs, we have equipped our facility and staff to deliver exactly what you need to maintain a competitive edge with your custom molded parts and assemblies.

Vantec is recognized as a total manufacturing partner, providing assistance with product development and engineering to ensure complete customer satisfaction. From initial concept, to delivery of the finished product, Vantec provides a full range of services to ensure that you receive quality plastic molded parts, on time, every time, for your end-use application. Vantec’s Project Engineers utilize the latest software to assist in the development of products for your plastic molding needs, as well as for tracking your project to ensure a successful launch. Communication with you, the customer, and all of the team members involved is imperative for success.

Vantec offers many value-added services, in addition to plastic injection molding, to reduce your labor requirements. It makes great economic sense to incorporate a secondary operation or in-mold operation at the time of initial molding rather than adding cost to your manufacturing process.

Vantec‘s manufacturing operations are currently housed in a 145,000 square-foot building, with room to grow on our 11.25 acre plot. Under the roof of this state-of-the-art building, you will find a lower material level which reduces noise and contamination on the molding floor. We have an environmentally controlled climate to control process variability and a fully functional warehouse to contain a defined minimum / maximum buffer of your custom molded parts and products. We also have eleven docks for shipping and receiving. Vantec’s manufacturing floor consists of two individual injection molding cells, operating under the 5-S Philosophy, that contain press sizes ranging from 55 to 1760 tons, with capacity for up to 3000 ton machinery for your plastic molding requirements. We are equipped with advanced automation including robots, end-of-arm tooling, and conveyors for reliable, repeatable processes. Our processes are tracked by a real-time monitoring system which records a wide range of process variables to help maintain the integrity of your plastic molded parts. We also have a separate assembly area, complete with customized automated and air-equipped fixtures.

At Vantec, our people are what make the difference – people who are willing to put their best effort forward for the success of the customer. We believe that if our customer is successful, then we will be successful.

Located in Webster City, Iowa, Vantec offers convenient access to major interstates. Our facility is located centrally in Iowa and the United States. Main highways and interstates lead directly to and from our innovative plastic injection molding facility.

We, at Vantec, would like to assist you in solving your next challenge in custom injection molding. With our strong foundation in the industry, why choose to go anywhere else? Our long-standing relationship with current customers and proven excellence in plastic injection molding speaks for itself. If you are looking for a custom injection molding supplier with a proactive, can-do approach, where quality is a way of life, innovation is an ongoing reality, and “getting the job done right the first time” is a priority, contact us today. We look forward to partnering with you to make your company and your next plastic molding project a success.

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